What do you do with our t-shirt bag? Keep it / re-use it? Throw it away in the rubbish?

The plastic bag packaging has been on our mind for a wee while.

On one hand, we want to protect your t-shirt from the elements and have it get to you in pristine condition. It's also easier to get packaged tees into the courier bag as we can "vacuum pack" the t-shirts by just letting the air out of the bag prior sealing.

On the other hand, it's yet another plastic bag!

Knowing & reading items like KR Connect: I Am Not A Plastic Bag just convinces us more that we should be doing something about it.

We would like to use paper bags / packaging but don't want more trees cut down even if paper can be recycled! Does anyone know of a New Zealand business that sells affordable recycled paper bags / packaging??? It's the tough bit trying to find them in NZ - or maybe we're not looking high & low enough?

Or how about you, our customer, returning the plastic bag to us to be re-used? It would save us from having to buy more new bags too. Would you need an incentive to return the bag to us? Freepost envelope? Then again, it might end up cheaper buying new plastic bags than paying for post & an envelope?

A very nice customer sent me this link http://www.stuff.co.nz/4450432a6479.html on Tuesday. It’s an article about suicide prevention in NZ and a cool new depression website www.thelowdown.co.nz. And yes, she’s wearing one of thehinitiative’s Mental Health Foundation t-shirts! Unfortunately, the photo was cut short in the paper version of The Dominion Post. Oh well, close enough : )

New blog : )

Weyhey! A blog for thehinitiative! We can write whatever we want (dangerous), and if you’re curious about behind-the-scene stuff & you like reading, you can check this out whenever : ) It’s also way more personal and much more convenient than emailing news updates to everyone. You probably don’t want unnecessary emails clogging up your inbox.