Have your say! Where & how would you like our t-shirts made?

We want to know what YOU think about issues related to manufacturing clothing offshore. So, here's your chance to have your say, and we will seriously consider the results! Thanks!! : )

Ok, it starts! We're now officially on the look out for the cutest coolest kids as models for our Plunket t-shirt collection 2009.

You can find more info about the search at our Models section. Applications can be done online or posted via snail mail, and close 19 December 2008.

Please let your friends know if you think they'd be keen and their kids have got what it takes : )

The thought did pass through my mind briefly that it would be fun to get my toddler involved - but that wouldn't be fair for you out there! And her daddy wants her out of the business spotlight and as anonymous as possible. So, ok, alright, she has every right to privacy at the age of 16 months! : )

The mailout we did overnight announcing the newsflash is also the first time we're using a proper high-tech mailing program too so hopefully more of you will get our emails successfully. (Aha! they had better do as I stayed up all night trying to figure it out & get everything set up!)

Our email address has already started to be blacklisted by Xtra NZ and Yahoo because we used to send our news email updates individually (would you believe it?). They don't like it!

So, a little reminder that if you like getting emails from us (including order confirmations!), please add us to your email address book in your email program or Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc. In theory, the emails will then get through (or so they tell me!).

Want to ditch those festive season greeting cards?

Speakerdog collectionLooking for something more creative than a Christmas or Seasons Greetings card (or just any old greeting card for any occasion)??? How about giving someone their very own handmade Speakerdog or Cubeecraft paper toy made with 100% recycled card stock (of course!) & have your personal message scribbled over it? Or, if they're the hands-on type, a pre-printed, flat packed version for them to diy!

I found Speakerdog paper toys a while back and have used them as presents before. Just print and put together! They have a huge selection, with illustrators & artists from around the globe contributing the most awesome designs!

Have now discovered Cubeecraft paper toys that don't require any glue to hold them together. Not as extensive a selection as Speakerdog, but still plenty of different ones to choose from.
Personal favourites are The Brain, Bloo and Lion-O. They also have Alice in Wonderland characters in the making which I'm looking forward to! Post us one of the faves if you're in the giving mood : )

Just to show how "onto it" they are - they have even got Vodafone sponsoring them to provide Christmas Cubeecraft paper toys as part of a promotion. You can also customise the Christmas versions to have your photograph on it.

By the way, if you're looking for 100% recycled card stock, Sustainable Group in the States sell them and also ship internationally. Please note that I haven't bought from them before, so buyer beware.

Well, kind of! Just thought we'd share some of the previously unreleased shots from our Mental Health Foundation tees Bro'town photo shoot on thehinitiative's Facebook! I had a few chuckles viewing the shots when our photographer had sent them through so maybe you will too. We'll be adding some more over the coming week or so as well..

Whose Mo won?

Mo'st Memorable Mo 2008!

Thanks to Shalene for entering her hubby! We'll be in contact as you've scored two cool tees : )

P.s. This was the only entry we managed to get (lucky we even managed to get one back as computers crashed and were email-less for a while) but if you think you know of a more memorable mo, send us a pic and we might be nice and send you a tee.

Are you a shopper/hero?

If you're in Singapore or nearby, check this new thing out at Post-Museum in Little India!

Shopper/Hero is a new project of Post-Museum which is envisaged to be a groundbreaking addition to the world of shopping in Singapore and the region.

The mission of Shopper/Hero is to promote consumption of products which benefit society. The objective of Shopper/Hero is to provide an educational platform regarding the work of NGOs and other cause-related organisations in Singapore and the region while offering consumers a convenient and easy way to purchase products which satisfy their needs and wants while contributing to the various causes.
Sounds awesome - the kind of thing we would love to be involved in! If you've been to it, let us know how it was : )