Where does your money go???

We've added two new sections into the About Us area:
Our Team - a bit of background about thehinitiative "team" : )
Where Money Goes - you get one of our t-shirts but where does the money go? how much goes to the charity? We reveal everything in this section...
Planning on making a section on Our Story - how we got where we are now - and will let you know when we actually get to putting it up on the website.

Talent spotting?

Had the Plunket t-shirt photo shoot today!! Was a wee bit anxious last night while getting everything sorted for the shoot til 1am - think the tiredness was getting to me anyway.

But it went fabulous today, think we got some awesome photographs, and the babies, kids and adults were all absolutely great to work with : ) Couldn't have asked for better , and our photographer is most impressed with how easy-going and patient the babies and kids were! Thinks they're the best he's come across : ) So huge potential for talent agencies maybe?

Happy new year!!

Hoping everyone managed to have a break over Christmas and New Years : )

This is just a quick update to say that we’ve been busy getting things sorted for the Plunket collection. Big thanks to everyone who sent in model applications for the Plunket collection! We’ve gone through all the applications and have selected the models. Sorry we haven’t had the time to individually send out emails to everyone who didn’t get through.

The photo shoot will be happening this weekend and we’re really looking forward to it – exciting & fun! : )