A really really BIG price reduction!

...the shop will be closed for the holiday season after this...so get your Christmas orders in early! : )

$10 and $15 t-shirt deals

We've reduced some more of our end of line sale items to $10 and $15!

Note that these no longer contribute towards the charities as either our agreements with them have expired and/or these low prices don't even cover the cost of making the t-shirts.

But the good thing is that you get to walk away with a real bargain : )

Check out the online shop to see what's available....

The men get their share finally!

After many years of Glassons selling the Breast Cancer Research Trust charity t-shirts for the girls, their "brother" company Hallensteins is finally getting really into it.
I just got an email from Hallensteins promoting / announcing their ProDesign t-shirt collection in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A really wide range of t-shirt designs and artists!! Great stuff! And all $40 each with $10 going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation ...pretty good for snazzy looking tees. My fave's the Richardson tee : )

I'm wondering what you, the all important customer, thinks: are charity t-shirts in bountiful supply now every which way you turn??

Now that the huge clothing companies have covered both bases, with access to such awesome design talent. ....maybe it's fine time thehinitiative moved on!! : )