Some TV airtime for thehinitiative

thehinitiative is going to be on TV in April!

Back in February, we were filmed by TV One's Asia Downunder. It was a full day's work for everyone, and I figured out I personally am not cut out for TV/film work - you really need the patience as you have to pose and repose and pose again in a different camera angle, and then again, and then slow motion. Anyhow, great & interesting experience! You can see some behind the scenes photos at our Facebook photo album.

We have absolutely no idea how the end product is going to turn out. After a whole day's filming work, it could just be a 10 minute item in the end?? (after all, the entire show is only 30 minutes I think) Also, others were interviewed about thehinitiative, but we have no idea what questions were asked. So, crossing our fingers that good things were said : )

We have just found out from the reporter/director Pushpa Jabin that the episode will be screening in April. YAY!!!

So....You can either watch it on Sunday April 13 on TV One at 8.30am, or wait until the week after to watch it online at Asia Downunder on TVNZ Ondemand.


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