Conscious Style?

I just found out about an Ethical Fashion Day at the Victoria and Albert Museum from Supernaturale.
It has the coolest things happening, e.g.:

  • Swishing - The clothes swap. Swishing is an eco-fabulous way to get a new wardrobe by exchanging your quality fashion items for someone else's
  • Build a Sustainable Fabric Dress - Draw designs and messages on swatches of hemp and attach them to a life- size dress frame to create a dress. Watch the dress grow over the day.
  • Reinvention: Cut and Sew Workshop - Bring your tired, out-of-style clothes and regenerate them with the help of experienced dressmakers and a pair of scissors.
And people well-known in the field of ethical fashion are there, like Katharine E Hamnett (I probably shouldn't be plugging others too much on thehinitiative's blog but I love her slogan tees. And there's no NZ stockist...hmm...)

Pity it's already passed - not to mention it's in South Kensington, Cromwell Road, London......and I'm in Wellington, New Zealand! We need to have something like that in this part of the world! Another hmm...


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