T-shirt design submissions update

The Mental Health Foundation idea submissions are closing this Sunday! Whoa time flies!

Unfortunately, we've also just discovered that the website form for submitting the entries has not been working at it's best (boo!). So we've been getting incomplete info and you've probably been getting a page of garbled code everytime you click Submit.

Getting developers to look into it...but in the meantime, please send us all ideas via email.

Please copy and paste the submission form into an email. Send it to us with your image files attached to design (at) thehinitiative.com and we'll email you a confirmation that everything's been received. Thanks for the patience & sorry for the inconvenience!

P.s. All entries since 9 April 2009 have not been received in full. If you have already submitted something, please email a copy to us as well. Sorry!!


  1. Cara

    Can't wait to see the results!


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