A is for
Audi Design Foundation, whose "aim is to encourage and empower designers by supporting and promoting designs that create a positive change in people's lives".

B is for
Beatle's inspired MINI that will raise funds for The Material World Foundation, which was originally set up by The Beatle's George Harrison to support charities and people with special needs. MINI seem to be on some kind of roll with specially designed charity cars, as they have already have a hot pink leopard spot MINI for 2009's Life Ball, Europe's largest AIDs charity event (last year's was a secret agent MINI).

C is for
Charity car show featuring Porsche, Jaguar, Mustang, Corvette and MG. It's being run by The Friends of Steve McQueen (who supposedly used to be one of Hollywood's sexiest leading men??) in USA. Hmm, someone should plan one for New Zealand - great car eye candy!


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