Mental Health Foundation tee design 2009 update

Wooo! Some progress on the design front...

Thanks to everyone who submitted designs for the 2009 Mental Health Foundation (MHF) t-shirt collection! : )

The following designers have made it onto the MHF's shortlist with their designs (in alphabetical order of the first name):

Cara - What you give is what you get
Damen - Aroha Script, Aroha Angle, Aroha Mirror
Jinha - Open your mind
Mari - Heart & shoulder, _LEAN_ON_ME_, and SMILE®
Michelle - Reach out #2
Vomle - Kind words are a piece of cake

The final designs for the t-shirt collection are currently being chosen from the shortlist and Mental Health Foundation will contact designers directly by 24 July 2009. So, designers, keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox.

By the way, if you submitted a design and want to know why it wasn't shortlisted by the charity, feel free to contact us and we'll provide as much info as we can.

To everyone else: We would love to post all the designs up - but you'll just have to wait and see what comes out from MHF in October 2009! : )


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