Designer interview: Olivier Perkins, Spore* Design

Thought it's fine time to profile all the awesome designers who have contributed to our, here's the first one : )

We'd like to introduce Olivier Perkins of Spore* Design who has had three of his designs come to life as thehinitiative's t-shirts!

What have you been up to recently?

Fairly busy! Currently finishing my final year of a BVA graphic design degree whilst also running my freelance studio and doing a few design projects for various clients. One current client in particular is rather interesting- We're creating a new fashion range.....but for those of the 4 legged kind. Should be releasing this year, so looking forward to that!

How did you first get started in design?

Originally came from a background far removed from design as I trained and worked as a water sports instructor! In my travels though I found myself doing a few design jobs here and there for friends and employers, which brought me to the realisation that design was where my passion really lay. So I gave up the day job went back to study and focused on creating creations...and lived happily ever after!

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic, fun, with a twist of crazy?! I really enjoy the variety that design and illustration can offer, working on different projects for different clients allows you to explore new and alternative methods to realise the end result. I'm a great believer in trying to find the right look for the project at hand.

What inspires your work?

Anything and everything! Inspiration can really come from anywhere, from the project itself, from some random object found on the beach, from some rough doodles on a scrap of get the idea! Just always trying to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to what's around you.

Why get involved with thehinitiative?

It's great to be part of the initiative. It's so nice to be able to give something back in a way that everyone can enjoy and allows everyone to feel good about what they're doing, wearing, buying. So if you're reading this do your bit today, grab a T for yourself and someone else, you know you want to!

How did it feel to have your designs made into tees?

Having something in your hands that you've been a part of creating is a great feeling. Seeing the final end result of your design is always so much better than when it's on your doodle pad or computer screen. And its always good to add to the Tshirt collection of course!

Complete this sentence: And my favourite ice cream flavour ever is…

Mint, choc chip is grand! (but cookies n cream has to do when I can't find the minty goodness!)

Thanks Olivier! : )


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