A home for used plastic courier bags

Finally! Somewhere for your used plastic CourierPost bags to go to rather than the rubbish bin (which then leads to the landfill) - CourierPost are recycling their courier bags : )

As part of our commitment to the environment, CourierPost is helping to minimise the impact of waste products. That’s why our Trackpak range is fully recyclable.

We encourage all of our customers, both big and small, to recycle your Trackpaks rather than throw them away.

BackTrack Your Trackpaks
1. If you’re a frequent user of our plastic Trackpaks, just ask your local CourierPost courier to provide you with one of our large (reusable) drawstring bags to store all your used Trackpaks. Your courier will collect them when calling into your premises.

2. Or you can drop your used Trackpaks into one of our specially marked recycling bags at any CourierPost branch.

What we do with the used packaging
CourierPost has partnered with leading New Zealand plastics recycling company, Astron Plastics, to recycle on our behalf.

Used Trackpaks are collected from all CourierPost branches nationwide and delivered to Astron Plastics recycling plants in Auckland and Christchurch.
Not only that, but the proceeds from the recycled plastic goes to CourierPost's sponsorship of Diabetes New Zealand. How nice is that!

(Source: http://www.courierpost.co.nz/recycle.htm)

So...we hope this means you can drop off your used bags at NZ Post offices nationwide since they are part of the CourierPost network : )


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