How to wear thehinitiative t-shirts in winter?

thehinitiative does t-shirts. Short sleeved ones. But, yes, it's WINTER (in the Southern Hemisphere anyway, and I feel like hibernating). So, how are you going to make our t-shirts work for you??

I've been wanting to write up a style thing for t-shirts in winter, and have just been re-motivated to do so after now-not-so-recent girly 2+ hours spent viewing some gorgeous (and some not so) clothes and styling on big screen. And just because it's really nice to see people look great in what they wear : )

So, here are some ideas - pretty straightforward for the guys (unless you're into wearing dresses, leggings or skirts), and some for the girls.

T-shirt styling ideas for the GUYS: (mostly about keeping warm!)

i) Wear a really warm polyprop or merino layer hidden under your t-shirt, and a smart blazer on top of it (and don't take off the blazer if it's freezing!), as seen on Brad pictured above left.

ii) Wear a long-sleeve button-down shirt underneath your t-shirt, and roll up the sleeves for an added laid-back effect. (Source: 6 ways to wear a t-shirt)

iii) Wear a long-sleeve button-down shirt over the top of your t-shirt, as seen on Jack pictured above right.

iv) Wear a zip-up hoodie or men's cardigan as a coat, or fairly tight, over the t-shirt.

(Photo credits: Asylum and Getty Images)

T-shirt styling ideas for the GIRLS:
Key thing to remember: Make sure that whatever layer you wear under the t-shirt is fitted / figure hugging, otherwise you could end up looking rather bulky in the torso (been there, done that!).

i) My fave (and easiest thing to do!): Wear a tight fitting, long sleeve, light-weight merino top under your t-shirt (mine's black most of the time). Keeps it real simple, feels a whole lot warmer, and t-shirt can be seen in full view.

ii) If you're not into the skinny jean look, some other things you can team with our t-shirts: Maxi-skirts. Capri pants. Jeans (bootcut or flared). Tartan skirts. High-waisted skirts. Cardigans. Leggings. Shorts. Dresses (worn underneath). (Thanks to Gala for these!)

iii) Wear your t-shirt under a pinafore dress, with opaque (or woollen) stockings/tights or knee socks, with mary janes, ballet flats, or boots. Or skip the stockings/tights altogether and put on a pair of fitting jeans. Add a long scarf to keep your neck warm!

iv) Wear your t-shirt over a few layers of multicolored tank tops or t-shirts in different lengths and pair with your favorite jeans.

v) Accessorise with shrugs, arm warmers (I've found some NZ made ones that look awesome!), and gloves (with fingers or without, or maybe you'd like to get a bit adventurous?).

Sorry I haven't got pictures up for the girls! Can't really find much - but hopefully you get the idea from the text : )

To also naughtily sneak in something non-t-shirt related: check out this short list for more about layering in general, and this NZ Herald article for hotting up your winter wardrobe.

Feel free to comment / provide your own style ideas for t-shirt winter wearing!! :)


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