Thought I'd give Aucklanders a heads up that JET will be stocking our exciting new Mental Health Foundation t-shirt collection to be launched in October. They'll be stocking our adult tees, while our baby tees will be stocked in limited quantities at EGG Maternity Newmarket in October too.

"Baby tees?" you ask?
Yep the whole family can be fitted out in tees that look great & do good!
(Ok we bluff, not quite as we haven't got a 2 y.o. to school age collection yet. But it's a start...)

Introducing a small selection of our Birds on Wires tees: mens tee in the white colourway, and womens & baby girls tees in in the natural cream colourway. We'll also be having this printed in different colours and on different tee colours too.

Again, we have to give credit where it's due - this excellent design was by Aaron Hogg (Ministry of Aesthetics). He has the most awesome design & illustration work! Love the detail - everything has a place : )


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