Getting busy with t-shirts

How have you all been??? We have been sooooo busy and my oh my, time has just flown - can't believe it's the start of July now!

Currently working on getting our next range for the Mental Health Foundation sorted out (it'll be on sale in time for Mental Health Awareness Week which starts 6 October), trying to sort out PR stuff, working on a whole new spiffy website (big task but looking good so far!), getting things sorted for the design brief for the next World Vision CIC t-shirt range, and then there's the mundane stuff of GST, admin paperwork and such that we still need to do.

So, how's about a sneak peek at one of the new tees for the Mental Health Foundation you ask?
Check it out: we'd like to intro you to Mister Stacked Chairs Tee. Just the guys one in yellow text is shown below (there's a neat blue text one too). The womens version has got pink text, and is on a cream tee. We love the tees!! By the way, this design was submitted to us by Joel Cocks - so credit for its coolness & great design goes to him : )

Watch our blog for more updates about thehinitiative's Mental Health Foundation tee collection : ) Can't promise too much but you'll never know...


  1. Huggies

    Yay, new shirts!!! The chair one is awesome :)

    Dunno that I'll be into the girl version cos I hate pink...but I can just get a boy version eh?

    Thanks for the update Li Ling.

  2. thehinitiative

    Thanks!! :) Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of pink either ;) So was extra picky about it and it has come out really nice even with the pink lettering :) (heh, at least the t-shirt's not pink) The pink's a strong one, slightly red, as I run a mile away from pink pastels! :) I'll see if I can post a pic up sometime soon.


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