Eat so they can

I have to admit, I was a bit cynical about this at first glance - Eat so they can?

But upon reading more into it, it's really all about friends/community, and using something as simple as a home cooked meal & inviting others around to help collect funds for a worthy cause.

You could host a brunch, a lunch, a dinner, a cocktail party, a bbq - and your guests will just need to contribute e.g. $10 donation towards it.

Donations go to the Global Volunteer Network Foundation Global Children's Fund set up especially to aid children living in poverty.

It's meant to all happen this weekend - so anyone up for an impromptu meal with friends? : )


  1. Huggies

    Did you run one of these events Li Ling? I went to one that a friend from work put on
    The video they show of the previous year's donations being used to buy provisions in Kenya was pretty cool.

  2. Li Ling

    Hi! Nah, I didn't manage to, but would like to next time round or for anything's such a simple idea that works!


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