New Mental Health Foundation tees!!!

The latest range of limited edition Mental Health Foundation t-shirts have been released as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2009!

This year thehinitiative was only involved in the design stage, providing designers with a brief and then passing it onto the Mental Health Foundation for them to take further. Due to the economic recession & its financial impact on thehinitiative, we had been (sadly) unable to run any further t-shirt campaigns or produce new collections for our charities.

So....haven't the Mental Health Foundation done an awesome job with the t-shirt collection?! : )

Design credit goes to the lovely Mari Pettersson and the designs relate well to the Mental Health Awareness Week theme, Winning Ways to Wellbeing.

The full collection is now available from the Mental Health Foundation's online shop with t-shirts selling for $45 each. Every sale raises money for the Mental Health Foundation. T-shirts from previous years' collections are also available for purchase from the Mental Health Foundation's online shop (note: they are no longer available from thehinitiative's online shop).


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